Faith That Grows   16 Week Scripture Lessons for New Believers

This sixteen week course is perfect for Bible Studies, Children’s Church, Sunday School or as a personal refresher in the tenets of our faith.




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Scores of miracles have been reported just from reading this one.  PMB’s thrilling account of Jesus healing her husband, Pastor Frank, from cancer.  Travel the roller coaster from death sentence to deliverance through the mighty Word of God three days later.  You need the anointing on this book!

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HomeBakedWe live in a “Fast Food” society. Families are no longer committed to connection but convenience. This is leading to a breakdown of parental authority, family structure and moral behavior. Overall society in turn reflects the same patterns of disintegration. What can be done to stop the slide? PF brings a unique, personal solution in a message called “Home Baked”. This simple principle, if applied with regularity, will actually turn back the trend. Available in audio or video format!