IMG_2908More seating than ever before…warehouse loft space…super acoustics…very cool look…all this and more as Real Life Church Myrtle Beach has moved into an anointed, “upper room” location!  The space gives us any number of possibilities.  We enter through an Italianate Tower located right next to Rossi’s Italian elevator_operating_panelRestaurant, thus we can say, “Enter by the tower of power”!  The young and desirous of physical fitness can climb the stairs while those who would rather “rise to the top” can ride the RLC private elevator.

IMG_3087Once upstairs, proceed down the hall drawing closer to the cross and enter into the expansive sanctuary.   Anticipation grows as service time nears, some are praying while others are on their feet clapping with the music signaling  the the beginning of praise and worship.  The RLC praise band provides anointed, exciting contemporary Christian music that brings us into the presence of God.

Then, buckle your seat belt as PF brings the Word of God.  Miracles take place at IMG_3343every service as Jesus confirms His Word with signs and wonders.  This will change your life forever!

This all takes place at 9644 N Kings Highway in Myrtle Beach.  The center is known as “The Galleria”.  Look  for  the Real Life banners and signs, then follow them to your destiny!IMG_7086