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Frank Policastro

Senior Pastor
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Blue Shirt Beach

I lived in Jerusalem, working in the field of archaeology. The career fulfilled some of my college goals, but increasingly, I knew that something was missing. Employment, friends, a nice place to live in an old stone house with high ceilings, a tiled floor, a garden–what else was there?On three different occasions, complete strangers approached me to tell me about Yeshua (the Hebrew name for Jesus). First, there was the girl outside of Mahane Yehuda, Jerusalem’s fruit and vegetable market. Running late on a Friday afternoon, everything was due to close soon for shabbat, and this young woman stopped me.

“Excuse me, but I feel I must tell you: Yeshua is our promised Messiah, and He has a plan for your life.”
“Oh?” I replied blankly, and quickly walked the other way. Messiah? What was that supposed to mean?! I was not a religious person. This was beyond my realm of interest.

Next came the person in the bookstore, and after that, the believing Israeli soldier on the beach in Neviot. Why did they need to share their religion with me? Shouldn’t this be a private thing?I wondered at their earnestness and normalcy. Could they comprehend what I had not yet grasped for myself? How did they know? Could the words of the Hebrew prophets be trusted? In this day and age, what was real and what was fake, what was truth and what was a delusion?

I started asking questions and attending Bible meetings where people smiled, and lifted their hands in praise to the Lord. They looked content and acted free. They genuinely cared about me, and not just what they could get from me. It was real. They had real life in Jesus. Miraculous changes backed up what they said–modern-day signs and wonders.One shabbat I prayed and invited Jesus to become my personal Lord and Savior, to forgive me and make me new. Life definitely improved.

But don’t take my word for it. (I wouldn’t have.) Ask God to reveal Himself in a way that’s meaningful to you. (He’s good at making His own case.) Before Jesus (B.C.), I had a good life, but I saw that with God, it became great! Could today be the day to open your heart and ask Him in?


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IMG_0016Writer, speaker, visionary PMB has lived a jetsetting life for many years, fitting as much of the Lord’s plan into her life as He permits.  With projects and interests on several continents, she values the Word of God (which always produces), true friendships, PF’s love for all things historical and archaeological along with good Italian cooking, her children’s strength of character to undergo several extreme life changes, faithful congregations who believe in giving and receiving, and living in victory with Jesus.  She speaks a number of foreign languages, has experienced outstanding miracles and gifts of the Holy Spirit, and aims to be His arms extended, even when holding her dogs during a bad storm.  Coming from a Russian background, living in Israel with a gas mask during the first Gulf War, hers is not the first, nor the last, generation to see the goodness of the Lord.    We could go on, but, she’s just left the room for a decaf solo espresso macchiato….

Jeff Eggen

Associate Pastor
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050Jeff Eggen Gave his heart to Jesus in April 1970 while in the United States Air Force serving in Japan. His life has never been the same.   Jeff started bible study in his home and led a youth group which grew to over 100 in attendances weekly for three years before leaving Japan.  While attending a Full Gospel businessmen’s convention in Montgomery Alabama in 1978, Jeff was baptized in the Holy Spirit. Now his life really changed!  Miracle healings began to take place in his life. Jeff retired from the air force in 1978 and attended Charismatic Bible College in Colorado Springs Colorado. After that God called him to PTL in Fort Mill SC. Jeff was ordained October 1984 by Ministerial Fellowship of the U.S.A. in Rock Hill SC.  On a mission trip to Argentina Miracles occurred while on outreach and the church that we helped build grew weekly. Pastor Jeff moved to Myrtle Beach SC in 1990 after leaving Heritage Ministries in Charlotte NC and became involved with Pastor Frank’s church. As associate Pastor at Real Life church Pastor Jeff handles alter counseling, teaches Bible study, performs Hospital visitation and Preaches when Pastor Frank is out of town. Come to Real Life Church and witness for yourself Gods presence and Miracles.