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The Presence of God!


We are all vision oriented. We want to see something! We hear about things like a “cloud of glory” moving into a worship service and we long to see that in our life. However, as believers, we are “spirit” oriented first. Although a cloud of God’s glory is a wonderful experience, we don’t need that to […]



There is a basic formula that professional counselors use when staging an intervention. In this video, PF brings five steps of intervention and applies them to a personal, spiritual intervention. This is a very unique concept that needs to be watched by every Christian believer.

Come And See!


The angels gave the shepherds a compelling reason to go to Bethlehem and see what God had done. Do we give as compelling a witness to those around us? Do we need angelic intervention to convince those around us that a significant event is happening in our church? PF draws the obvious conclusion and supplies […]

These Bones Shall Live!


In this message PF brings hope to hopeless situations. How many of us have given up on a dream? How many have had their expectations dashed? In Jesus dead things come to life! As you watch, be encouraged! Believe for a miracle!

Knowing God


How many people can say that they know someone famous?  Any of us personal friends with a sports legend? What about God, the Creator of the universe…do any of us know Him?  Is it possible to know God?  PF is glad you asked because in this message called “Knowing God”, he explains exactly how we […]

Identity Shift


Too many people slog through life hampered by a poor identity. We form our personal identity through the collective experiences of our lives joined with the opinions of others. This can often be misleading. When we learn to define self by relating to God, we experience an identity shift. PF brings a needed message which […]


Jesus said that “We would be known by our fruit”. What exactly does that mean…what is our fruit? How do we grow fruit? In this message PF clearly lays out a plan of action that leads to a successful harvest of “good fruit”.

The Voyage


It’s not just the destination…it’s the voyage. PF shows us how whatever happens along the way, God turns it into a victory. This very motivational message is sure to get you through the toughest day. Let the Lord turn your tragedy into triumph, your breakdown into breakthrough and your battles into testimonies!

What God Wants


We all know what we want or need…but how many know what God wants? In this message called “What God Wants”, PF brings easily understood lifestyle changes pleasing to the Lord. Take out your Bibles and get ready for a blessing.



Examining the way a GPS system triangulates in order to find a position, Pastor Frank then applies the same principle to Christians. He shows us that God uses a three point system to help us locate ourselves spiritually. Drawing from the rich Old Testament history of Israel in the wilderness, he demonstrates the global positioning […]