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Changed Lives!


When we become Christians major change creates a new set of priorities and realities in our lives. However, change does not stop after this initial experience. We are to continue to change by the resurrection life that now energizes us!

Identity Shift


Too many people slog through life hampered by a poor identity. We form our personal identity through the collective experiences of our lives joined with the opinions of others. This can often be misleading. When we learn to define self by relating to God, we experience an identity shift. PF brings a needed message which […]

Our Trust Fund


How many times have people broken trust with us? Do we all still trust others like we used to? Is it difficult to trust? These questions are typical of any adult who has ever been let down or suffered a broken heart. However, we can learn to trust again! In this message, PF brings both […]

Be Not Unaware


The scripture warns us to know the strategies of our enemy. In this message PF shows seven of the most frequent ways evil attacks believers. However, to know a strategy is helpful, to know how to reduce the enemy to a distraction is vital. PF goes on to give practical teaching on spiritual self defense.

Heat Wave


Jesus told us that we should be either “hot or cold” but not lukewarm.  How can we tell just what our “spiritual temperature” measures?  This fun message, Heat Wave, by Pastor Frank gives us some insight.  Take the simple, scriptural ten question quiz to find your temperature.  By following this Biblical advice we can raise […]