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Follow Your Star!


The “Wise Men” are very interesting characters in the Christmas story. But you have never heard an in depth analysis of just what they mean to us today! In this message, Follow Your Star”, PF examines some of the details that a journey of this magnitude would include. Then looking through the eyes of faith, […]



The Feast of Hanukkah is only mentioned in the New Testament when Jesus goes up to Jerusalem to celebrate it. But the history of Hanukkah holds valuable truth for us even today. At Real Life Church we celebrate all the Biblical holidays in light of New Covenant realities. In this message PF shows why Hanukkah […]



PF looks at the real history of our Founding Fathers, not the false narrative being pushed in the the school system and then draws a bridge to the spiritual freedom we have in Christ. This is a rousing, pro God, pro faith, pro America message that will have you shouting!

Women of Influence!


PF honors all women in this Mother’s Day message. His focus is upon two women in the Old Testament, Deborah and Abigail. The message is motivational while at the same time hilarious and even poignant. You will want to share this with all the women in your life.

Hanukkah 2017


Travel back in History to 267 BC and discover the real reason Hanukkah took place. It may surprise you to find out that current strains between culture and the church have much in common with society in Jerusalem in the Hellenistic age.



Do we really know who Jesus is?  Are we aware of what Isaiah meant when he said “wonderful”? This message by Pastor Frank is sure to being us all into a personal relationship with God and show us just how wonderful He really is.