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Navigating A Hostile Environment


Whether it is an office situation, a family matter or a neighborhood disagreement, we may find ourselves in a hostile environment. Some, unable to handle it, slip into depression or bitterness while others descend into the dynamic and become part of the environment. However, the Lord has provided wisdom and tools to navigate through even […]

Some Trust In…!


Have you ever trusted in another person only to be let down? Maybe you trusted in someone to make you happy or secure. In this video PF looks at some common things in which we place our trust only to find out it was misplaced. So what do we trust in?

Men of Substance!


What defines manhood in these days of fluid concepts based in feeling rather than reality? Is a man a man because one feels manly today? Is there such a thing as too manly or “toxic masculinity”? What constitutes a man of integrity? This video, Men of Substance, is very necessary in these days of confusion. […]



A must see for all those longing to love and be loved. A primer on personal relationships. A practical guide for those online relationships where no direct, personal contact has ever been made. A word for the time in which we live…fresh, funny and informative.