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He Got Up!


An Easter celebration with resurrection power. We may be “sheltering in place” but the Word of God is not bound. Experience Jesus with this video! God is greater than any virus…not even death could keep Jesus down!

The Reliability of the Word!


How many people question the reliability of the existence of Aristotle, or Plato? How many modern thinkers doubt that the writings of the historian Herodotus are actually his? Yet so many people doubt the existence of Jesus and the writings of the Bible! This message addresses the doubters! Please use the information contained in this […]

God’s Not Dead


“God’s Not Dead!” The Easter celebration at RLC. PF demonstrates how failure, loss, broken dreams and dashed hopes are changed by the empty tomb. Come, look for yourself…let the power of resurrection life change your world.

Lamb of God


PF explains just why John called Jesus “The Lamb of God”.  This is a fascinating study into the culture and customs of the Bible.

Evidence Tampering


PF takes on the cultural elite who are attempting to marginalize Christianity by intellectually tampering with the Biblical evidence.  He covers two long held beliefs which are being disparaged with widespread acceptance among millennials…Christian support for Israel and the validity of the Bible in light of Archaeology.  This message will equip you with the spiritual and […]