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With all the civil unrest in our country and in fact, around the world, I asked Rob to address the core question of racial equality. Rob is both an African American and a retired police officer so his viewpoint is worth hearing. You may be surprised, but just listen to a believer rather than the […]

The Dividing Line!


A division exists among Americans today. No, it’s not along racial lines, nor social justice, nor economic. The dividing line is the Word of God! Those that believe and are saved, and those that do not believe. We are called to bridge this gap and bring as many as we can into the kingdom of […]

Unified Faith!


Time to stop demonstrating our differences and celebrate our unity. No other nation on earth has been knit together with people from every other nation and a multitude of races. Founded on Biblical principles, this great nation was birthed as a place of freedom and opportunity…the Biblical principles have not changed…who has?

Faith And Focus


We are people of faith, attend a faith church and walk by faith. However, sometimes we lose focus. This video shows us what is really important and how to maintain our focus in spite of the many distractions screaming for our attention.

Wind Power!


Wind power has been utilized from ancient times with a resurgence in interest over the last few years. On the day of Pentecost the Holy Spirit came with the sound of a mighty wind…the question is can we harness the power of this “Wind of God”?

Their Finest Hour!

Everything was going wrong in June of 1940. Poland, Norway, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, Holland and France had been conquered by Nazi Germany. The British army had been defeated and evacuated from the mainland and an invasion was expected at any moment. Sir Winston Churchill defiantly gave his famous “Their Finest Hour” speech. We see an equally […]

The Giant Within Us!


Most of us feel small and insignificant in light of the pandemic and the advice of the various government experts. We simply follow their suggestions and hope for the best. However, we see from Biblical precedent that we are far from insignificant.

Battling An Invisible Enemy!


We can’t see it, we can’t feel it but yet we must protect ourselves from being infected by it. You must think I’m referring to a deadly virus or plague, but I’m not. Protect yourself by these simple steps.

Social Distancing


By now we are all familiar with the term “social distancing”. We stay six feet apart, wear masks, have stopped shaking hands and sanitize our hands regularly. But what about applying those same practices in the spirit…staying free from the corrupting influences of the world and growing healthy spiritually and physically! This video is an […]

Coming Out of the Wilderness


Israel traveled through the wilderness for 40 years acquiring valuable tools for their future success. We have not been a natural wilderness but we have gone through a social and spiritual wilderness…what tools for our future success have we developed? This video gets us ready to come out of the “stay at home” order and […]