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The Giant Within Us!


Most of us feel small and insignificant in light of the pandemic and the advice of the various government experts. We simply follow their suggestions and hope for the best. However, we see from Biblical precedent that we are far from insignificant.

Battling An Invisible Enemy!


We can’t see it, we can’t feel it but yet we must protect ourselves from being infected by it. You must think I’m referring to a deadly virus or plague, but I’m not. Protect yourself by these simple steps.

Social Distancing


By now we are all familiar with the term “social distancing”. We stay six feet apart, wear masks, have stopped shaking hands and sanitize our hands regularly. But what about applying those same practices in the spirit…staying free from the corrupting influences of the world and growing healthy spiritually and physically! This video is an […]

Coming Out of the Wilderness


Israel traveled through the wilderness for 40 years acquiring valuable tools for their future success. We have not been a natural wilderness but we have gone through a social and spiritual wilderness…what tools for our future success have we developed? This video gets us ready to come out of the “stay at home” order and […]

The Emerging Church!


What now? What do we do now that we are emerging? Is the church ready? Are we prepared for a new paradigm? I believe that we have been called into the kingdom of God for this time! In the remaining days of self isolation, follow the critical points in this video to be ready to […]

Where Do we Go From Here?


The “stay at home” order is about to be lifted…are we ready? What will our world loo like when we come out? What can we do now to prepare? This video outlines some changes that we may want to anticipate and some actions we may want to take now!