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Some Trust In…!


Have you ever trusted in another person only to be let down? Maybe you trusted in someone to make you happy or secure. In this video PF looks at some common things in which we place our trust only to find out it was misplaced. So what do we trust in?

Faith Waits!


A need arose. You prayed. You made your faith declaration. You are holding fast to the scriptural promise. And yet, nothing seems to be happening. This is what faith is all about! Believing without seeing! You have now entered the most difficult time of faith…waiting. In this video, “Faith Waits”, PF gives practical and powerful […]

These Bones Shall Live!


In this message PF brings hope to hopeless situations. How many of us have given up on a dream? How many have had their expectations dashed? In Jesus dead things come to life! As you watch, be encouraged! Believe for a miracle!

Investing In Your Future


  Are you investing in your future? This video by PF outlines how small, seemingly insignificant steps in God’s Word will result in tremendous miracles over time. It’s called “Investing in Your Future” and it will motivate you to go forward in God!