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The Key!


When we have the key, we have access. The key represents ownership, possession and power…do you have the Key?

Against All Odds!


Sometimes it seems that we are fighting against massive circumstances of life. Don’t give up! God is for us and He is greater within us. Against all odds we will win!

Power Over Darkness!


Darkness conceals hidden things, hidden agendas, lies, and deception. However, Jesus came that we would have light! Let the light of life shine through each one of us to dispel the darkness!

Don’t Wait Till The Battle Is Over!


God did not wait for us to know Him to save us. He did not wait for us to become sick before He healed us, or experience a need before He supplied it. Why then do we “wait and see” the outcome? We are experiencing battles in our mind, our heart and our faith…Don’t wait […]



All materials have varied levels of strength…compressive strength, tensile strength, etc. What about us? Have you said recently that you can’t take much more? Have you felt stretched beyond your ability? This is a must watch!

In A Moment!


It only takes a split second for everything to change. We tend to think of this in a negative way, a sudden disaster or event. However, this has positive implications as well. Can you expect positive, powerful change in a moment?

Cut It Loose!


So many of us drag through life being setback by stress & fear. However, the Lord has made a way for us to cut loose from the negatives and run to obtain the promises of God!



The Word of God instructs us to submit to God and resist evil…how exactly do we resist? PF brings a workable strategy to accomplish the will of God in our lives and successfully navigate life!

Why Marry?


With so many people under the impression that “living together” improves the chances of a happy marriage, it is evident that ignorance abounds. However, the divorce rate is roughly equal between believers and unbelievers so why should we even get married? I’m glad you asked!

Faith Perspective!

Most of us are aware of the power and potential of faith. We ask and receive, we hold fast and breakthrough, we overcome sickness and limitations. However, PF gives us a fresh perspective that migh just make our faith even more potent!