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There is a basic formula that professional counselors use when staging an intervention. In this video, PF brings five steps of intervention and applies them to a personal, spiritual intervention. This is a very unique concept that needs to be watched by every Christian believer.

Jesus: Faith In Action


The Bible tells us that Jesus is the “Author & Finisher of our faith”. This means that He wrote the book on the topic. When we read the gospels, we see that Jesus not only taught about faith, but He demonstrated faith in action. If we ever want to know what faith looks like in […]

The Spirit of Faith


What exactly does the Word of God mean when it says we have the “same Spirit of Faith”? What, Who is this Spirit? How do we fulfill this scripture? PF brings another exciting video presentation of how faith works in the believer’s life. If you are ready to take control of your life, this one […]

What If?!


This is a wild one! Pf just got back from Israel with a fresh anointing and had everyone on their feet shouting. What if we had all the money we could use? What if we had the best job in the world, the best spouse, the best children. How would we live differently? What if […]

These Bones Shall Live!


In this message PF brings hope to hopeless situations. How many of us have given up on a dream? How many have had their expectations dashed? In Jesus dead things come to life! As you watch, be encouraged! Believe for a miracle!

Tear Down That Wall


This one is a real burner…!! Get ready to get on your feet and shout a victory shout. PF explains how we can tear down the walls that keep us out of God’s blessing as well as the walls the we have put up to keep others out. Get real, get well, get God!



This one is a classic…a must see for every believer! PF gives us a boost to our faith that is sure to get us through the toughest circumstances of life. Get over that breakdown, come through that disease, overcome that fear, rise up out of failure! God is for us with a “booster shot” in […]


Jesus said that “We would be known by our fruit”. What exactly does that mean…what is our fruit? How do we grow fruit? In this message PF clearly lays out a plan of action that leads to a successful harvest of “good fruit”.

The Second Son


PF demonstrates through the Word of God how many second sons received the blessing traditionally destined for the first born. We, the church, are the second son in the faith and God has a tremendous blessing reserved for us! This one will get you excited about prospering in the Lord!

Blessed Beyond the Curse


Is it God’s will to bless us more that the level we have already attained? Can the Lord do it? Am I ready to receive? These are the three questions that start of this message. PF shows us how to answer them which includes a great segment on “getting into position”. The first of three […]