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The Presence of God!


We are all vision oriented. We want to see something! We hear about things like a “cloud of glory” moving into a worship service and we long to see that in our life. However, as believers, we are “spirit” oriented first. Although a cloud of God’s glory is a wonderful experience, we don’t need that to […]

Come And See!


The angels gave the shepherds a compelling reason to go to Bethlehem and see what God had done. Do we give as compelling a witness to those around us? Do we need angelic intervention to convince those around us that a significant event is happening in our church? PF draws the obvious conclusion and supplies […]

What God Wants


We all know what we want or need…but how many know what God wants? In this message called “What God Wants”, PF brings easily understood lifestyle changes pleasing to the Lord. Take out your Bibles and get ready for a blessing.



Do we really know who Jesus is?  Are we aware of what Isaiah meant when he said “wonderful”? This message by Pastor Frank is sure to being us all into a personal relationship with God and show us just how wonderful He really is.