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God’s Got Better!


No matter what we have, where we have been or what we have seen…God’s Got Better! Come on an adventure of faith as we see just how much the Lord has for those who follow Him!

Don’t Wait Till The Battle Is Over!


God did not wait for us to know Him to save us. He did not wait for us to become sick before He healed us, or experience a need before He supplied it. Why then do we “wait and see” the outcome? We are experiencing battles in our mind, our heart and our faith…Don’t wait […]



All materials have varied levels of strength…compressive strength, tensile strength, etc. What about us? Have you said recently that you can’t take much more? Have you felt stretched beyond your ability? This is a must watch!

Faith Perspective!

Most of us are aware of the power and potential of faith. We ask and receive, we hold fast and breakthrough, we overcome sickness and limitations. However, PF gives us a fresh perspective that migh just make our faith even more potent!

He Makes A Way


There is always a way to go forward in faith no matter what the circumstance. Never, never give up! Look to the Lord Who is the Way!

Natural Selection


This amazing time will produce some amazing results. Learn how we can adapt to a new, emerging economy and lifestyle by the model of natural selection. Cutting edge concepts are presented to ensure our success as the “stay at home” orders are lifted.

The Healing Gospel


God’s Word is an amazing and powerful tool of healing. PF, who was personally healed of a deadly cancer 14 years ago, knows this healing power intimately. In this video he lays out the basics of physical healing by believing Bible truth. Watch, believe and share the “good news”!

Comeback Faith!


How do we ever come back from a devastating defeat? What do we do to put our lives back together after a failed marriage or relationship? How do we begin again after foreclosure or bankruptcy? In this video, PF lays out the strategy for victory, a plan to get back on the top of your […]

These Bones Shall Live!


In this message PF brings hope to hopeless situations. How many of us have given up on a dream? How many have had their expectations dashed? In Jesus dead things come to life! As you watch, be encouraged! Believe for a miracle!

Identity Shift


Too many people slog through life hampered by a poor identity. We form our personal identity through the collective experiences of our lives joined with the opinions of others. This can often be misleading. When we learn to define self by relating to God, we experience an identity shift. PF brings a needed message which […]