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The Battle for the Mind!


Coronavirus is causing a wave of fear around the globe. What is motivating, what is driving this reaction to a virus that kills tens of thousands less than simple flu! There is a battle going on in the world for our minds…our attention…our thoughts. The battle has been waged for years but suddenly a fresh […]

Power In The Name!


When was the last time you used the name of Jesus? I don’t mean when hurt or angry, I’m talking about in a way that produces results! This video outlines just what we can expect when we have access to a powerful name…it opens doors, gives access, grants privilege and enables authority. Use it or […]

Overcoming Stress


We all deal with stress at some time in life…some more than others. The top causes of death in America are all stress related. Stress is a killer that can be stopped in its tracks. In this message PF brings tangible ways for us to master stress rather than manage it.



“Deeper”…have you ever wanted to go deeper in faith, deeper in God? In this message, PF shows us how to embrace a deeper relationship with the Lord. The results will be a deeper understanding of faith and a greater working of His power.

Defeating The Spirit of Fear


We’re not talking about the fear of the dark or monsters in the closet.  No!  This message is about the fears that we face each day…fear of failure, fear of ridicule and fear of a broken heart.  This is the first step to success!