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Power In The Name!


When was the last time you used the name of Jesus? I don’t mean when hurt or angry, I’m talking about in a way that produces results! This video outlines just what we can expect when we have access to a powerful name…it opens doors, gives access, grants privilege and enables authority. Use it or […]

Faith Waits!


A need arose. You prayed. You made your faith declaration. You are holding fast to the scriptural promise. And yet, nothing seems to be happening. This is what faith is all about! Believing without seeing! You have now entered the most difficult time of faith…waiting. In this video, “Faith Waits”, PF gives practical and powerful […]

Say It! See It! Do It!


When was the last time you moved a mountain? Have you ever experienced a miracle? Are you in need right now? This one is HOT!! PF explains the dynamics of faith and how to use it for breakthrough! Stop living below your position as a believer. Stop scraping through life just to make it to […]

When Up Is Under


How exactly do we move mountains? What allows us to break through the ordinary religious experience into a vital, powerful life in Jesus? Too many misunderstand the scripture where Jesus declares how “great faith” works. Watch your faith grow as you absorb the message, then step out in faith and do something great!

Get Up!


Over and over we see Jesus look at someone in a hopeless situation and simple say “get up”! In this message Pastor Frank speaks the same thing to us, that we would learn the power of moving by faith a breakthrough. Get up from lack, get up from sickness, get up from depression! Get up […]



“Deeper”…have you ever wanted to go deeper in faith, deeper in God? In this message, PF shows us how to embrace a deeper relationship with the Lord. The results will be a deeper understanding of faith and a greater working of His power.