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Baruch Ha Shem


Bless The Name, Baruch Ha Shem is the way many refer to the Lord.  Religious Jewish people would never read or say “God” or “YHWH”.  They would insert “Ha Shem”.  So what is in “the Name”.  What does it really mean?  Throughout both the Old and New Testaments we find many, many different names for […]

Wind of Change!


Ever feel powerless to change? Ever been tempted to look into courses (both religious and secular) that promise power? The answer lies in God’s Word, the Bible! Yes it’s true…the coming of the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost brought power to the people! No longer victims, we can tap into this miraculous power […]

When Up Is Under


How exactly do we move mountains? What allows us to break through the ordinary religious experience into a vital, powerful life in Jesus? Too many misunderstand the scripture where Jesus declares how “great faith” works. Watch your faith grow as you absorb the message, then step out in faith and do something great!

Against All Odds!


What do we do when the odds are stacked against us, when there seems no way to go forward? We step out in faith!! Let the truth of God’s Word sink down into your heart. Be encouraged! You can overcome in Jesus Name!

At Thy Word


What if we were asked to do something that we knew was impossible? Or maybe we are being asked to do something in which we had already failed. Most of us would hesitate. But what if God is the one asking us…? In this message called “At Thy Word”, Pastor Frank details just how we […]

More Than Enough


God is “more than enough” for any situation that we may face in life.  This message by Pastor Frank is alive with possibilities in Christ.  As you watch and listen your faith will soar as you believe God for miracles and answered prayer in your life…with God, nothing is impossible!