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Changed Lives!


When we become Christians major change creates a new set of priorities and realities in our lives. However, change does not stop after this initial experience. We are to continue to change by the resurrection life that now energizes us!



Tired of having barely enough? Or even worse, do you ever get to the end of the month with not enough? This message is for you! Overflow is promised in the Bible to all who trust God. The first step to overflow is being full…PF will fill you with the explosive Word of God in […]

The Second Son


PF demonstrates through the Word of God how many second sons received the blessing traditionally destined for the first born. We, the church, are the second son in the faith and God has a tremendous blessing reserved for us! This one will get you excited about prospering in the Lord!

Get Up!


A highly motivational message that encourages anyone who has ever messed up, to get up and win!    



It’s beyond time for the church to prosper!  We can’t count on the economy.  We can’t look for government handouts.  The believer is on a Kingdom economy and this message will get you going!  Believe for more in God.