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The Key!


When we have the key, we have access. The key represents ownership, possession and power…do you have the Key?

Don’t Wait Till The Battle Is Over!


God did not wait for us to know Him to save us. He did not wait for us to become sick before He healed us, or experience a need before He supplied it. Why then do we “wait and see” the outcome? We are experiencing battles in our mind, our heart and our faith…Don’t wait […]



All materials have varied levels of strength…compressive strength, tensile strength, etc. What about us? Have you said recently that you can’t take much more? Have you felt stretched beyond your ability? This is a must watch!

Faith Perspective!

Most of us are aware of the power and potential of faith. We ask and receive, we hold fast and breakthrough, we overcome sickness and limitations. However, PF gives us a fresh perspective that migh just make our faith even more potent!

Not of This World!


Scripture informs us that the Kingdom of God is not of this world. It also tells us that we are no longer of this world! Why would we not then expect and receive miracles which by definition are also other worldly? Listen, learn and receive what God has for you today!

Make Something Happen!


What do we do when things go wrong? Does it ever seem like everything is against us? That’s when it’s tie to make something happen! Both spiritual truth and practical advice make this one noteworthy!

Commanding Authority!


Most people feel out of control of the negative circumstances of their lives…but not us! We know that the Word of God delegates authority to those who believe. Learn how to utilize that authority today!

He Makes A Way


There is always a way to go forward in faith no matter what the circumstance. Never, never give up! Look to the Lord Who is the Way!

The Promise!


Many are living below the expectation of Jesus…He died that we would all enjoy the wonderful promises of God! At Real Life Church we demonstrate how everyone can walk in God’s blessings! Come experience Jesus at our in person services in Myrtle Beach, or in the four LIVE online services each week at this address: […]

But What If…


The words “but” “what” and “if” occur in many positive scriptures. However, when taken together they rarely speak of good things but rather doubt and unbelief.