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The Battle for the Mind!


Coronavirus is causing a wave of fear around the globe. What is motivating, what is driving this reaction to a virus that kills tens of thousands less than simple flu! There is a battle going on in the world for our minds…our attention…our thoughts. The battle has been waged for years but suddenly a fresh […]



There is a basic formula that professional counselors use when staging an intervention. In this video, PF brings five steps of intervention and applies them to a personal, spiritual intervention. This is a very unique concept that needs to be watched by every Christian believer.

Some Trust In…!


Have you ever trusted in another person only to be let down? Maybe you trusted in someone to make you happy or secure. In this video PF looks at some common things in which we place our trust only to find out it was misplaced. So what do we trust in?

Our Trust Fund


How many times have people broken trust with us? Do we all still trust others like we used to? Is it difficult to trust? These questions are typical of any adult who has ever been let down or suffered a broken heart. However, we can learn to trust again! In this message, PF brings both […]

Evidence Tampering


PF takes on the cultural elite who are attempting to marginalize Christianity by intellectually tampering with the Biblical evidence.  He covers two long held beliefs which are being disparaged with widespread acceptance among millennials…Christian support for Israel and the validity of the Bible in light of Archaeology.  This message will equip you with the spiritual and […]