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Miracle Faith!


We have all been given a measure of God’s faith when we were born again…what are we doing with it? Here, PF lays out in simple truth how we can use that faith for the Kingdom of God. There is a purpose in all that the Lord does, including all that He gives us. Learn […]

What God Wants!


OK, we believe in the Lord now what? Go to church? Pray? What exactly does God want from us? What should we be doing? What pleases Him? Does He even care? Here is a word for the church in 2021!

How Do I Know?


How do we know when God is speaking to us? How doe we tell the difference between our imagination and the voice of the Lord? Should we act upon revelation from God? Find it all here!

Joseph: Portrait of Faithfulness


Archaeologist, PF, describes the many palaces of King Herod emphasizing his immense wealth, and yet he pursued the family of a poor carpenter out of fear. Joseph displays a character of faithfulness and protective love which should be seen in all of us.

According To…


Who determines the course of our lives? Is it up to us, our friends, circumstances or the Lord? Now we can ensure success as we base our lives “According To…”



All materials have varied levels of strength…compressive strength, tensile strength, etc. What about us? Have you said recently that you can’t take much more? Have you felt stretched beyond your ability? This is a must watch!

Faith Perspective!

Most of us are aware of the power and potential of faith. We ask and receive, we hold fast and breakthrough, we overcome sickness and limitations. However, PF gives us a fresh perspective that migh just make our faith even more potent!

The Shining Light!


In the beginning was the Word…the Bible then tells us that the Word became Life which in turn is the light of all in the world. We are later told to let our light shine. How do we do this? What happens if we do?

The Walk of Faith!


The Word of God instructs us to “walk by faith”, but what does this really mean? How can we know we are walking by faith? What are the results? This video message answers these and many more questions about our faith. We learned to walk as toddlers, now let’s learn to walk like Jesus!

Faith And Focus


We are people of faith, attend a faith church and walk by faith. However, sometimes we lose focus. This video shows us what is really important and how to maintain our focus in spite of the many distractions screaming for our attention.