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Faith Engine


The combustion engine provides a perfect frame for understanding how our faith works! In this very funny video, PF explains the basic principle behind gas powered engines as a way to explain the principles of God’s Word, our speech, The Holy Spirit and how they combine to give us forward motion in life! A must […]

Spirit Led


What exactly does this mean? How are we led by the Spirit? Do we need to be Spirit led? PF explains in a simple way that makes our walking in the Spirit easy and practical.

Jesus: Faith In Action


The Bible tells us that Jesus is the “Author & Finisher of our faith”. This means that He wrote the book on the topic. When we read the gospels, we see that Jesus not only taught about faith, but He demonstrated faith in action. If we ever want to know what faith looks like in […]

The Spirit of Faith


What exactly does the Word of God mean when it says we have the “same Spirit of Faith”? What, Who is this Spirit? How do we fulfill this scripture? PF brings another exciting video presentation of how faith works in the believer’s life. If you are ready to take control of your life, this one […]

Pass The Mustard!


PF puts a new twist on a favorite example of Jesus…mustard seed faith. Do you long to move into the miraculous? Have you ever witnessed the power of the prayer of faith? This video explains the complex message of faith hidden in the parable of the mustard seed.

Too Far From The Boat!


This is fresh revelation from the story of Peter walking on the water. I could not find a single message by anyone who saw this truth. Enjoy as you listen and see if you can identify yourself in the story.


Jesus said that “We would be known by our fruit”. What exactly does that mean…what is our fruit? How do we grow fruit? In this message PF clearly lays out a plan of action that leads to a successful harvest of “good fruit”.

Faith Is…!


In this classic “faith” message, Pastor Frank explains not only what faith is, but how faith works. With easily understood examples, this sermon will have us all “walking by faith” and “moving mountains” in no time. After you watch send it to your friends!

Where Faith Leads


Abraham followed the Word of God to a place of blessing.  The only problem is that he did not know where he was going…he had to walk by faith!  Where is God leading you?  Find out “Where Faith Leads”.  You can walk in the Spirit…you too can walk by faith.  The Lord knows the plans […]