What a fabulous series! The five messages are now available on a 1GB thumb drive for only $20. Learn about the foods of the Bible, the scriptural importance of rest and exercise, our need for the sun as well as the Son, and much much more!  Lives and families have been changed as scores are bringing in reports of healthy diets, lost weight, and better sleep.  You owe it to yourself to get this series for yourself and your family!

The lectures were designed that we both grow in the knowledge of God’s plan for good health, as well as become familiar with His restorative power.

The series was taught by Pastor Frank Policastro, who as a professional archaeologist, excavated in Israel for many years before coming into the ministry.  By discovering the validity of the Bible through archaeological excavation, his life was changed.  Now he shares forty years of research and study into the working of God’s Word in the human body.

Thirteen years ago Pastor Frank lay in the hospital with a deadly cancer that could not be fully removed.  The prognosis was bleak yet Jesus spoke two scriptures to him that brought him out of the hospital “cancer free” three days later!  Now he shares this experience with thousands who, in turn, see spiritual & physical changes in their lives.

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